DIY Honey Wraps To Get Rid Of Cough And Remove Mucus From The Lungs


When the cold season appears, cough and respiratory infections appear, too. But there is an incredible effective remedy to get rid of cough that my grandmother used to give me when I was little: the homemade cough patch.
Cough usually installs after a cold caused by viral or respiratory tract infections, but can also be caused by allergies. Cough caused by respiratory infections can also be accompanied by muscle pain, while the one caused by allergies won’t produce any sore.

There are many medicines to get rid of cough, but you can try something natural. The patch that gets rid of this problem has been used for hundreds of years to treat respiratory infections and you can prepare it at home.

If you want to try this remedy, you need small amounts of honeyflourvegetable oilgauzenapkin and band-aid.

Mix the flour with a small amount of honey so that the composition does not stick to your hands. Add a 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and put another small amount of flour. The obtained paste should be put on a napkin and then wrapped in gauze. Put the gauze on a piece of duct tape then apply on your chest or back and go to bed. Apply this treatment in the evening and let it work for 2-3 hours. Be careful not to put this patch in the heart area.


When you start the treatment, you will see that you will sweat a lot and there is a good chance to change the sheets and your pajamas. The honey patch has anti-inflammatory effect and heats you up. It is best to use it from the first day of the disease to avoid the complications that may arise from a simple cold. Apply it for a few days in a row.

Honey and flour patches can also be used by children older than 6 months, but they should not suffer of any skin disease or allergies. It is not recommended to use this natural treatment if you have a fever.



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