Couples Communication Boosters – Top 5 Activities You Must Try


Communication activities for married couples are those exercises that couples can do to improve the way they converse with one another.

Powerful and assertive communication exercises for couples can go a long way in fostering a happy and healthy marriage. 

As these activities take place, communication skills are enhanced and spouses learn to understand one another. Of course words are understood, that is a given, but when communication is improved, spouses learn the meaning behind those words. This includes how their partner feels and why something is being said. 

Find the top five couples communication activities below and get started with these communication activities to strengthen your relationship. 


Top 5 effective couples therapy exercises for improving communication

1. Have a structured conversation

Number one of the top 5 communication exercises for couples is structured conversation. For this activity, set aside time to talk with your partner and select a topic to talk about.

Once a topic is selected both partners should begin to converse. Rather than communicating as you normally would, create more structure in the dialog by using mirroring, validation, and empathy.

Mirroring is repeating what your spouse said in your own words in a way that expresses curiosity/interest. Validating in a conversation is conveying understanding.

A simple, “I get what you’re saying” is all that is needed. Lastly, empathy is expressing interest in how your partner feels by saying something along the lines of, “How does that make you feel?” 

This is one of the best activities to improve communication skills and inculcate a deep sense of empathy between couples.

2. Play positive language games

Second on the list of relationship improvement and communication exercises for couples is the positive language game.

Couples communication entails a lot of challenges. Reactive, presumptuous and accusatory behavior is the ultimate obstacle in improving communication in a relationship. 

This is one of the powerful communication skills exercises where couples must replace negative language with positive language. 

The next time you are about to say something negative to your partner about their actions or behavior, stop and come up with a more positive way to get your message across. This makes individuals more aware of how they communicate and reverses negative communication patterns.

A person never wants to come across as accusatory or judgmental to the person they love.

Such communication activities for married couples help break the toxic and negative communication habits in a relationship.

3. Go on a trip

Go on a trip

The most effective and fun communication exercises for couples includes going on a trip together.

Planning and going on a trip is actually a couples therapy exercise for improving communication. It is a day or more of alone time in a new and exciting environment.

Communication between couples can become stressful when monotony steps in. Such communication skills activities give the couples the much needed respite from the everyday rut of routine.

The reason this activity is so effective is because it allows couples to relax and unwind. Getting away does improve communication. When stress is taken out of the equation, amazing things happen. In order to build communication in relationships, activities that promote stress relief are required.

This allows partners to focus while conversing and connecting on a deeper level. The process of planning and getting to your destination also presents opportunities to communicate more effectively. 

Communication exercises for married couples allows room for couples communicating and operating as a team.

These getaways also serve the dual purpose of communication exercises for married couples to help re-establish connection and mutual trust in the relationship, lost in the throes of everyday routine and responsibilities. 

4. Use the ‘Three and Three’ Method

Marriage communication exercises exercises for couples aim at enhancing the love connection between the couples and improving marriage communication.

In this exercise, both partners must resort to a quiet place and make a list of three things that they like and dislike in their spouse. Then present the same to your spouse.

When your partner reads them out, praise them for their qualities and explain why the other points are disliked by you. Of course, both partners must never be offended and take the feedback in nicely.

The ‘Three and three’ exercise has been proved as one of the most effective communication activities for couples as it helps in strengthening communication.

5. Share emotions

 Share emotions

Another one of the communication exercises for couples that spouses must indulge in is sharing their emotions with each other.

For many, this may not come easily and may take years for the two to easily share their feelings. To encourage and nurture your marriage, go on couples retreat and express your innermost emotions and vulnerable side to the other. It will help in understanding your partner and make the marriage stronger.

Learning and adhering to these couples communication exercises can help couples deal with sensitive issues. Sometimes poor communication does far more than limiting your ability to deal with regular issues.

Couple communication exercises are your best shot at building and maintaining a great relationship. 

Build understanding with relationship communication exercises

Build understanding with relationship communication exercises

Communication issues weaken the relationship strings.

Relationship communication exercises assists couples in understanding each other’s communication styles and develop a stronger, assertive style that will allow both partners to feel respected, valued and heard.

A few more communication techniques for couples

  • Not talking as the same time as your partner and listening to understand and not react.
  • Don’t lose sight of the end goal in mind. Communicate to build a strong love bond and not break it.
  • Watch your language. Refrain from name calling or serving the sins of past over and over again in the present.
  • Aim at getting to learn each other’s fears, goals, values and dreams when communicating. Observe and learn more about each other’s personalities.
  • Practice relationship exercises for couples communication like active anduninterrupted listening, holding eye contact, extending hugging and cuddling more often, and allocating time for weekly relationship or marriage check-ins for  resolving unfinished arguments or evaluating how happy your marriage is.

It can be helpful to read about communication games for couples that can help fix communication issues in a marriage and tips for facilitating effective communication between couples.

Practicing these effective  communication exercises for couples will enable you to enjoy a new level of understanding. For more communication help for couples, it is also advisable to connect to with a professional to resolve any deep seated relationship issues. 



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