Being single is not a curse as many may consider it to be. The truth is you should better enjoy your freedom right now so that you do not regret it later. However, we are sure that not all the single ladies would agree with such a presumption. The thing is that many women who are single right now, blame it all on the appearance and that lowers the self-esteem like nothing else.

It is time we reveal you the truth – the fact that you are single has nothing to do with your general outlook. There are two possible options – either you prefer being alone or it some mistakes you make when it comes to men. That is why we decided to discuss the second option – most common mistakes that help you stay single and which you can easily fix!

#1 Initiative

It is great that you are showing some initiative in the relationship, but men are all about the conquering. That is why if you do not give him a chance to chase and conquer you – he will lose his interest pretty soon.


#2 Impatience

You have been going out for a while, and you are dying to know where it is headed. Well, slow down your horses, men are not that fast to come to conclusions as to the seriousness of their relationship. The best way out if you want this relationship to go on – just wait patiently.

#3 Independence

It is nice for a man to know that you are quite independent and can go on on your own, but every time you try to prove it to him, it just lowers his interest in you. He wants to be a leader even if he is not, and you either let him or let him go.

#4 The truth

Truth is great in the relationship unless it has something to do with your ex. Trust us; men do not want to hear anything about your ex no matter good or bad things.

#5 Insecurity

He chose you for a reason and if you are always insecure about yourself in front of him – he will feel that way about you too.

#6 Lies

There is no need to try to show you for someone you are really not. It is better to know the truth from the beginning than to get disappointed when your relationship moves forwards.



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